Whipped Streamer Style

It is getting cooler out there everyday, although I’m still sweating right now in the humid warm fall sun. I know winter is not far off, and so it’s time again to hunker down and start tying the hundreds of flies I’ll need for next year, and the thousands and thousands I’ll need to fill customer orders. The Streamer list has a cool little idea to help pass the winter with a bit of a Black Box tying experiment.

One of the shows I enjoy watching is “chopped”, where the cooks get a basket of random weird ingredients that they have to use to create some sort of dish.

I was thinking that concept could be applied to fly tying, and might be a fun way for us to spend some of the dark days of Winter (or Fall).

The host (me) unveils a “basket of goodies” each week on Monday.
Each tyer has to use all ingredients in the basket, but can supplement with other items from their stash. If you don’t have those ingredients in your stash, you can sub something close. (this is for fun, after all, not for money)
Flies must be streamers, defined as being something tied on a long shanked hook with a generally “flowing” design.
Sunday night is the deadline to post a photo of your fly along with the ingredients list.
Monday we all sit back and enjoy the results, and start over with a new basket of goodies.
Who’s in?

Sign up and check this out! http://www.streamerlist.com/ I can’t wait to jump in.


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