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Years ago, I took on the monumental task of tying every wet fly contained within the pages of Ray Bergman’s Trout. I got to about the mid point and my interests wandered to other tasks, and generally, life got in the way, and the project was shelved. I was excited to learn that Don Bastian would be taking on the task of tying 483 wet flies from Bergman’s books.

This photographic collection of traditional wet fly patterns, recipes, and notes, when completed, will contain four-hundred eighty-three flies selected from Ray Bergman’s books. This number was determined by including all the illustrated wet fly patterns from Trout in the first edition and the new wet flies on Plate No. 16 from the second edition. Additional patterns not represented in Trout were chosen from Just Fishing and With Fly, Plug, and Bait to round out this ‘Bergman Collection’ of wet flies. A few wet fly patterns from Trout appearing in the other two books containing significant recipe variations are included here as well.

Don is an awesome tyer, and I really can’t think of anyone better suited to take on this task. The first 10 flies are posted and the results are spectacular. Over the next year, we should see the next 473 posts. Here is the first in the series.

Abbey - Don Bastian
Abbey - Don Bastian

Tip: Gold tinsel
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet
Ribbing: Gold tinsel
Body: Dark red floss
Hackle: Red (light brown)
Wing: Gray mallard

Here are the link to the 10 flies up this week. check back to see the next set of 10. We’ll try to keep you updated, but you can also keep an eye on Don’s Hatches Blog here.

1. Abbey, 2. Academy, 3. Adder, 4. Adirondack, 5. Admiral,
6. Alder, 7. Alexandra, 8. Allerton , 9. Apple Green , 10. Artful Dodger


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