Big Fish Little Flies

This is one of the greatest videos I’ve seen on YouTube. It’s short, but I just can’t get past the amount of huge fish lurking in the background, and the look of that wet fly holding in the flow. The classic wet trout flies are another favorite of mine. Bergman was a madman if he tied all of the flies in his book “trout”, as there has to be at least 500 different wet fly patterns. Anyway, I think I’ve seen this video 20 times already, and will likely watch it again right after I hit the publish button. Enjoy.



One thought on “Big Fish Little Flies”

  1. Just a quick update on this clip. I was watching a video called Destination Trout : New Zealand when this clip sprung up. Great video, but at 3 hours in length, you might want a snack or 2.

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