Tying a Cicada Dry Fly – Davie McPhail

You don’t see cicada tie up as a fly everyday, but I do run across them from time to time. Davie ties up this one based on a pattern sent to him by a friend. If you have a deer hair fetish, you’ll love this one, but if not, I would suggest trying some foam alternatives. This isn’t a quick tie by any means, and the 17 minute video is edited down somewhat to give you an idea of the time needed to tie the fly. That being said, in areas where the fish, be it trout, pike or bass, are hitting cicada, you will be glad that you tied them up. One other suggestion i would make is to up a Kevlar thread if you are tying for toothy critters. With the large time investment, you’ll want to be sure that fly is going to withstand a few teeth.



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