The end of the world….

This is the roughfisher. Thanks to the Chief for letting me throw in some guest posts. I may just be a Minnesotan to most of you, but I am a Canuck at heart. Here’s an exclusive look at one of my hottest flies right now, a mix of moose and grouse, the Boreal Bomber. A combo any Northerner can enjoy eh?

Boreal Bomber Squadron

Boreal Bomber, Cognac Heather

Boreal Bomber, Moxie

The Thunderbird, Binesi, is a hallowed creature between both Canadian and Minnesotan native cultures. Here is a killer pattern that both respects and honors the Thunderbird.
Fish it with pride.


2 thoughts on “The end of the world….”

  1. Woot! Thanks for the post JP. I don’t think Minnesotan is far off from Canuck, really. Keep up the Hawesomness with the carp flies.

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