Once more, with feeling

Old School: straight hook

Boreal Bomber
New Skool: curved hook

Boreal Bomber
Tied on some tight arse British sourced hooks.

Boreal Bomber
Hook: Vintage Mustad 4880, Size 7;
alt: 2X Strong Curved shank chironomid hook, straight eye, Size 8
Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0, Black
Tail: Moose mane
Body: Mohair Mojo dubbing, Peacock
Thorax: Mohair Mojo dubbing,various colors
Ruffed Grouse, dark
Head: 4mm tungsten bead, unfinished


2 thoughts on “Once more, with feeling”

  1. personally I like the look of the old school tie, but I would rather have the new tied to the end of the line. nice work on the flies.

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