NJTroutbum Flies

I was just browsing and stumbled upon a site with some cool original patterns from NJTroutBum. Check out the story behind the flies.

Naches Bee

This fly originated along the Little Naches River in Eastern Washington State during an archery elk hunt. I observed some wild cutthroat aggressively feeding on read more…

Naches Bee
Naches Bee

Hook: Daiichi 1270 #12
Thread: Black 6/0 UNI-Thread
Abdomen: twisted yellow Antron yarn
Rib: Black UNI-Floss
Wing: Dun CDC, tied Delta fashion
Thorax: Dark Brown Angora Dubbing
Hackle: Black Saddle hackle V-clipped on bottom


Tossed Salad

The Tossed Salad was tied as an attracter pattern to bring up spring creek cutthroat myself and a fishing partner experienced on an evenings float tube trip, read more…

Tossed Salad - NJTroutBum
Tossed Salad - NJTroutBum

Hook: Mustad 94831 #10
Thread: Black 6/0 UNI-Thread
Tail & Head: Black Foam 1/4″ wide
(Tie in foam at tail, bind down tightly to the head, fold back over to form head, bind down tightly back to tail, tie off & trim tail)
Body: Olive Ice Dub or Antron Caddis Dub
Legs: Chartreuse round rubber legs
Wing: Olive Deer hair



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