Mysis Shrimp – Juice Bug Edition

Just a few days ago we posted the Juice Bug tutorial from Don Ordes. He has since then sent me an incredible little Mysis Shrimp he created using the techniques. You can see this and his other Juice Bug creations by clicking here. I just love the extended body and the feeler detail out the front. Thanks Don!

Juice Bug Mysis Shrimp
Hook: #12 egg hook
Thread: 2# mono
Dubbing: Crystal Ice-dub or other sim.
Body: Clear Jelly-rope
Body Coating: Vinyl cement
Eyes: Black mono eyes or x-small black bead-chain eyes for weight.

Extended Body Mysis Shrimp - Don Ordes
Extended Body Mysis Shrimp - Don Ordes

2 thoughts on “Mysis Shrimp – Juice Bug Edition”

  1. where can these mysis shrimp flies be bought? I live in Colorado and would love to add these to my fly box.

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