Lots of Lots

Some good deals to be had for some large lots of tying materials and some interesting finds. Lots of Whiting hackle, lots at just 0.99$ right now.

Fly Tying Hooks – Large Lot of Vintage Mustad/VNC

Huge Fly Tying Lot – Vise, Big Variety

Huge Fly Tying Lot With Chest – Whiting, Metz

Nice lots of Parrot feathers

Full Nutria skin tanned

5 Large Kori Bustard feathers

100+ Odds & Ends Ostrich Feathers Crafts & Fly Tying

60 225yard spools of Gudebrod thread 6/0

Fly tying fur, 40 pcs of quality fur, mink, fox and more

Lot 4 Fly Fishing/Tying Reference Guide Books Flies for Alaska, Pike On The Fly, Poul Jorgensen’s Book Of Fly Tying and Production Fly Tying. Awesome collection.

Blue Wildebeast Hair ** WOW **

Whiting Dry Fly Hackle Assortment

32 packs of crystal Flash – 16 colors

5 Whiting Quarter Saddles

3 Whiting Capes and 1 Full Saddle

Happy bidding!


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