Guinea Fowl Parachute – Ben Byng

This is a great little light colored parachute fly. I like the light colored flies for visibility in the dark waters I fish most often. The pattern is pretty straightforward, and the speckled Guinea wing post is a nice touch. the angle and distance the fly is shot at isn’t ideal, but the video is loaded with tips for tying bullet-proof, cork-like parachutes.

Click here to view the fly tying video for the Guinea Fowl Parachute

Ben Byng Guinea Fowl Parachute
Ben Byng Guinea Fowl Parachute

Hook: Daiichi 1190 #14
Thread: 8/0 Tan
Tail: Dun Hackle
Body: Tan Dubbing
Thorax: Tan Dubbing
Wing post: Guinea Fowl Feather
Legs: Dun Hackle.



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