Forage Fly – Mike Smith

I just got a pretty cool update from Flymen Fishing Co. on their new Fish Skulland Frantic Tail product. Mike Smith’s Forage Fly, combines both products in a simple sexy looking fly. Kudos to Flymen for putting up a step-by-step tying tutorial. you can check out the step here. The black looks killer, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this new product. I’m particularly eager to try out the tails. They way they are cut is great. I’ve tried some different swede tails before with mixed results. This cut looks great for keeping the tail verticle, and the flaps should help eliminate any fouling. Tie these up!

Forage Flies - Mike Smith - Flymen Fishing
Forage Flies - Mike Smith - Flymen Fishing



2 thoughts on “Forage Fly – Mike Smith”

  1. Hi, Lets give credit where credit is due those Tails and the flap system were designed by Chuck Kraft and featured in Fly Tyer magazine in 2005. Chuck has updated the Tails and are available from also many other great tail and crawfish claw designs.

  2. Chuck Kraft did come up with the suede tail, he did not come with the Fish Skull. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

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