Backstabber Carp Fly

I don’t feature a ton of carp flies on the blog, but that’s probably because I don’t see them very often and don’t fish for them either. So, for those who chase the Leatherbacks, here is a double shot of carp whip n grin action. 2 versions are included in the video, so get busy.



2 thoughts on “Backstabber Carp Fly”

  1. Hmmm, so what they use are short heavy hooks to enable the carp to suck it into its small mouth? Other than that I would think that other nymphs would work as well? These flies should work for pretty much any species, nice and simple, the way good patterns should be.

  2. I love tying up the backstabber in size 8 or 10 as well. I’ve had tremendous luck catching trout with them as well. It’s a awesome all-around fly.

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