Oh Canada

Happy Birthday Canada!

Here is a fly I tied for a swap last year, the Arctic Firefly. This is a pattern I found in “A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns” by Bob Jones and Paul Marriner.

Arctic Firefly

Arctic Firefly
Hook: Partridge Single Wilson
Thread: Fire Orange 6/0
Body: Silver Black Axxel Flash
Under Wing: Chartreuse Marabou
Mid Wing: Hot Pink Marabou
Flash: Silver Flash
Top Wing: Red tip dyed Marabou
Eyes: Jungle Cock Nails



5 thoughts on “Oh Canada”

    1. Thanks Chris

      I love tying this style of marabou flies. this one had some tip dyed marabou (red/black) that really made the final fly nice.

  1. You can put a small bump of dubbing just behind the marabou. Tie in the marabou tip first, and the palmer the marabou forward. the dubbing keeps the marabou from collapsing.

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