Adult Damsel Fly

Here we have a really cool looking damsel adult. Personally I’ve never seen a trout target adult damsels, but that’s just my limited experience on stillwaters I think. I love the blue marked foam used on the pattern. Also, the hi-vis wing post is perfect for variable lighting conditions. Even though I’m not a huge proponent of adult damsels, perhaps it’s time to add a few to the dry box. Great tying, enjoy.



4 thoughts on “Adult Damsel Fly”

  1. Nice pattern. I know that Brownies will target these, I’ve watched tham at Sharpley Springs in Co. Durham in the UK. The trout sitting in the shallows next to margins and really smacking them as they near the water.
    In saying that it doesn’t mean they are easy to catch when they are on them and it’s not common.

    1. Thanks Ian. Like I said, it’s just not something I see often. Glad to know that they can be a target under the right conditions.

  2. I watched Golden Trout target the blue variety along the shores of a small lake at around the 11,000 foot level. I wish I had some in my fly box!!

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