Grey Ghostish – Davie McPhail

The fly is beautiful, and as you have probably guessed, I love streamers. This is close to the Grey Ghost, but is missing the golden pheasant crest(s) and has a chinchilla hackle where a dun should be. The rolled bucktail kinda bothered me, but once the wing was mounted, it actually looked pretty good. The end result is great looking as usual, but I would suggest using the traditional wing construction if you decide to tackle another classic streamer. Have a look at a Duane Vigue’s example. I would go one step further and pre-assemble the cheek and wing. looking forward to seeing the next one Davie.

Grey Ghost
Head: black
Tag: flat silver tinsel
Body: orange floss (pumpkin orange)
Rib: flat silver tinsel
Throat: 4-5 strands of peacock herl, then a small bunch of white bucktail, both extending to the bend of hook. Under this is a bunch of white hackle barbules, then a golden pheasant crest feather as long as the shoulder, and curving upward.
Wing: A golden pheasant crest feather curving downward, over which are four gray saddle hackles
Cheek: silver pheasant body feather
Eye: jungle cock



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