Carrie’s Challenge II

So I signed up my name a while back to take part in the Carrie’s Challenge part deux being headquartered out of Chris Del Plato’s Streamer List. You can check out the results from the first round on GFF here. So, I took the plunge today and tied up my fly. Here are the rules I had to stick to.

The Carrie’s Challenge II

You have one shot to tie a Carrie’s Favorite in hand, without a vise – just as Carrie Stevens herself did.

You are allowed one try only. One shot, one fly. No practice, No ‘do-overs’, No backtracking.

No special tools should be used. Bodkin, Bobbin (for thread only) and scissors are the only tools allowed. Feel free to do without them, if you wish. If you must, a protective cup may be worn.

Please adhere to the original pattern as given here:
Hook: 8xl streamer
Body: Flat Silver Tinsel
Underbody: White Bucktail
Throat: White Hackle, Golden Pheasant Crest
Under-Wing: Four to Six Strands of Peacock Herl
Wing: Two Magenta Hackles Flanked On Each Side By One Slightly Shorter Golden Badger Hackle
Cheeks: Jungle Cock

Any size is fine (size 2 would probably be typical), but about an 8x long shank would be true to form for a Carrie Stevens streamer.

You may pre-assemble the wings (by hand), just as Carrie did. In fact, I would encourage this in the interest of being true to her methods. The use of glue in this process is also permitted, as there is evidence that she employed it. Please limit your use of glue to only the actual construction of the fly, especially if you are pregnant, or expect to become pregnant.

Cramping, cursing, bleeding, spasms and fits of rage are all permitted, encouraged and expected. Crying is not allowed. There is no crying in fly tying.

Please document your trials and tribulations. A short paragraph describing your difficulties or what you learned by the experience is required. Please either private message your comments to me here or email to: ████████████ Do not use vulgarities in the subject line of your message, such as “To the #$@%&*! arse who dreamt up this torture”, lest it be sucked up by my spam filter. Video documentary of your attempt would also be of interest and great humor to the group. Feel free to upload it here.

I won’t spoil the surprise with my own creation, but you can check out the process a couple of the other tyers endured. I can’t wait to check out the entire field. 23 tyers, and I’m sure there will be 23 different looking versions.


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