A New Home and a New Header Fly

Well, it’s been an interesting 24 hours since I decided to pull up the stakes at the wordpress.com site and move over to a wordpress.org blog. This will give us a bit more freedom on what we would like the blog to look like, so here it is. We decided to change up the header fly as well. It’s been 3 years with the old fly up top, so here we give you a traditional Carrie Stevens streamer, Shang’s Special. The old header fly is hanging on the wall framed up woth the artwork Jeff Kennedy from Drawingflies365 did up a couple years back. I’ve seen a number of tyers twist up this fly and many times they use the black head with a read band to finish it, but on the originals I’ve seen, they have all had a red head with a black center band.

Shang, Charles E. Wheeler, was a good friend of Mrs. Stevens and was honored with 3 (perhaps 4) flies named after him (Shang’s Special, Shang’s Favorite, Charles E. Wheeler and it is thought the Judge may be included). You can check out the whole story and the controversy behind the relationship in Carrie Stevens by Graydon R. & Leslie K. Hilyard.

Shang's Special
Shang's Special

Head: Black
Body: Flat silver tinsel
Throat: White bucktail
Wing: 4-5 strands of peacock herl, over which are two complete jungle cock neck feathers.
Shoulders: Red Chinese hen cape feathers
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Head:Black (Her version was red / black / red thread)



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