Remembering Dunc

It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years already since Dunc passed. To mark the day, here is his celebrated Picture Province fly that was adopted by the New Brunswick government as the official fly of the province. Dunc’s presence is sadly missed but fondly remembered.

Picture Province - Warren Duncan
Picture Province - Warren Duncan

A salmon fly designated as the “Picture Province” has been designed by Warren Duncan comprising a tag of gold symbolizing the value of Atlantic Salmon to New Brunswick; a butt of green floss honouring the fiddlehead; a tail of red goose fibres to match Canada’s flag indicating New Brunswick’s ties with the nation; a body of cranberry red being one of New Brunswick’s official colours; a rib of medium oval gold tinsel; a hackle of lemon yellow being the background colour of New Brunswick’s flag; a wing of hair from the black bear and a head of black.

Hook: Salmon up-eye size #2-10
Tail: Red goose quill
Tag: Gold tinsel
Butt: Green floss
Body: Cranberry red floss
Ribbing: Gold oval tinsel
Wing: Black bear hair
Beard: Lemon yellow hackle


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