I wish I had a Robot!

Wow, is all I can say about this unique clip. I’ve seen these beasts in action on the operating table and to put it into practice tying flies is just amazing. But think about it, this should be part of the training for all surgeons to be able to get a feel for the robot. Just check out the half hitch technique at the end there. I’m also amazed that they didn’t pick an easy fly. I suppose surgery isn’t all that easy, so a complex fly is a good subject. May I suggest a Rangeley Streamer for the next video?

Dr. Szlyk demonstrates the precision and dexterity of the daVinci Surgical Robot by tying a delicate fly fishing lure small enough to fit on the head of a dime!


3 thoughts on “I wish I had a Robot!”

  1. That is truly amazing.
    I was reading an article in National Geographic about bionics and the applications they are starting to use them for. I wonder if guys who have lost a hand or an arm could tie flies with this probably expensive tool? Bionics are the next step from the looks of it.
    Cool clip thanks for sharing.

  2. That would be cool to use the technology for helping people who have lost limbs. I’m not sure this technology would work that way, but you could perform surgery over vast distances using this. The operator can be in New York and the patient in California. So you could technically be in separate locations and tie a fly across the world from you.

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