Melvin Octopus with Davie McPhail

This is another cool pattern with some custom touches. As always, Davie shows us how to tie the fly effortless, this video adds a couple variations at the end. The pattern uses a couple custom dyed materials that might be just a wee bit tough to find at the local shop. Some chartreuse dyed Golden Pheasant Rump, and some fl. yellow jungle cock. These materials really make the fly look cool, but the materials make it a bit tough to tie to the letter. Of course these are optional.



One thought on “Melvin Octopus with Davie McPhail”

  1. I have been following Davie McPhail’s patterns. His tying method is so well explained and shown, it has made me a better tyre in very little time. This is a great fly pattern, but I also really like the International Hopper and the Sedgehog.

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