Jim Warner Flies

I received a wonderful little set of streamers the other day from streamer legend Jim Warner. I seen these little gems on eBay, and well, I couldn’t resist. Along with the flies was a short letter which talked about Jim’s 60 years of commercial tying. Jim is now into his 80’s and still producing some killer flies. He is offering small sets of 2 or 3 streamers, with each set having come from the design of a past icons such as Carrie Stevens, Bert Quimby, Herbert Howard, Austin Hogan and even a few originals. The set I received was based on the patterns of Bert Quimby and included the Dusty, Galloping Ghost and a Ross McKenny. He uses an array of hooks, but some of his sets are tied on antique Allcock 2811. If you have an interest in collecting flies, these are not to be missed.

Jim Warner - The Streamers of Carrie Stevens
Jim Warner - The Streamers of Carrie Stevens

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  1. Jim is a really neat guy and a prolific, innovative tyer. A master at combining natural and synthetic materials to create very lifelike smelt imitations.

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