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I first seen Jack Dennis tie up this pattern a few years back, explaining the origins of the fly and it’s success at the 1999 Jackson Hole One Fly contest. This is another video featuring Juan Ramirez from the Hopper Juan. Juan knows his way around the hoppers and is magic with foam, deer hair and rubber legs. I’ve seen a few people tie up this pattern and it often looks quite anorexic when completed. I like the way Juan completes his flies, nicely trimmed foam, proportionate legs and a full hair wing. Keep up the nice binding.

Hook: 3 XL #4-8
Thread: Tan 6/0
Under body: Tan foam, ΒΌ’ wide strip
Over body: Brown foam, wider strip than under body
Rear legs: Brown rubber
Hackle: Grizzly or Brown, undersized
Body: Red Krystal Chenille
Wing: Light elk hair over optional small clump of pearl Krystal Flash
Thorax: Ice dubbing
Wing case: Over Body foam pulled back and tied down
Legs: Brown rubber


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