Epoxy Buzzer

Heading into fall, my fly orders have been heavy with all sorts of Chironomid patterns like Snocones, Chan’s Chironomids and this pattern, the Epoxy Buzzer. I like tying this method as it creates the thin profile you want for Chironomids. Tie the materials down to the bend then wind back up, nothing more is needed, and a thin coat of cement or epoxy seals the deal. Be sure you have a drying wheel or a place to hang the coated flies. To save a bit of time, coat all the flies at once after they are tied. This pattern by Darren MacEachern uses a split jungle cock nail, but any orange material such as UNI-mylar orange or Lagurtun midge braid will work too with a slight alteration of the tying method.

Epoxy Buzzer



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