The Hopper Juan

I’m starting to see quite a few Hopper Nymphs along the banks of the streams and now is a good time to tie up a few on the smaller side. It won’t be long now before the adults appear, and so this pattern should help you get a bit of a start and some inspiration. Match the size and color to the local bugs as always. The browns and cutties should give this some attention.

First, I wanted a pattern that I could call my own; I didn’t want to copy something already out there. Second, it had to look nice. I wanted to create a pattern that was simple and attractive, a reflection of my tying style. Third, it had to float well and be able to hold up a nice chunk of iron and tungsten. Fourth, it had to be high-viz for my clients that have trouble seeing a small duck on the water, and lastly, it had to catch fish and be durable enough to catch a bunch of them.

Click here for the tying steps and recipe.

Hopper Juan
Hopper Juan

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