2 Minute Copper John

Okay, 2 minutes and change to tie a Copper John. It just goes to show why prepping your materials ahead of time pays. So here are a few tips on speeding up your tying.

1. Prep your materials and hooks ahead of time. ie count out your hooks and place on beads and weights ahead of time.
2. Tie in multiples. Tying 6 of one pattern lets you improve upon your speed and makes for a quick transition between flies.
3. Keep your scissors in your hand. Putting them down and picking them up wastes time.
4. Cement heads or epoxy in batches.
5. Use a waste catch. Just drop any discards with a bag under your vise.
6. Grow your fingernails. They can become great tools
7. Don’t wrap too much. Lots of tyers wrap too much, it wastes time and bulks up the fly.
8. Whip finish by hand. Just a lot quicker, and the tool is free.
9. Keep you bobbin close to the hook shank. More efficient tying.
10. Use a sharp pair of scissors. Nothing slows you down like dull tools….

Oh, and here is the video.


2 thoughts on “2 Minute Copper John”

  1. Question: What materials does the video show for the wing case? A strand of silver wire and some kind of silly skin or something like that? And what are the legs made from? Those fibers looked similar but not pheasant tail. Good video, quick tie, you make the formation of the copper body look very easy. I’m assuming the tapered shape is important to the copper laying down properly. Oh and what kind of weight material did you use? Just standard lead/non-lead wire? Thanks.

  2. I didn’t tie this one up, but here is what I think it has.

    Hook: #10 Standard Nymph
    Bead: Brass
    Weight: .015 lead
    Tail: Goose Biots
    Body: Copper Wire
    Thorax: Peacock Herl
    Shellback: Thin skin and Pearl Mylar tinsel
    Legs: Hen Pheasant back feathers.

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