Bunny Dun

More of one of my favorite materials to fish, the Snowshoe Hare (SSH) foot. This pattern is tied up by Josh Stanish, a tyer out of Montana. This Bunny Dun pattern is a nice little mayfly imitation and you can just switch up the colors to mimic other types of mayflies. Thanks to the Weekly Fly for bringing lots of great patterns week after week. There are some awesome tips in this video on how to use SSH.

Josh Stanish - Bunny Dun
Josh Stanish - Bunny Dun

Hook: Standard or straight eye Dry fly Hook (TMC 101) #14-20
Thread: 70 Denier UTC Thread, Color to match
Tail: Light Dun Microfibbets
Body: Superfine Dubbing (PMD)
Wing: Light Dun snowshoe rabbit foot.


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