Neo Modern Classics – Anders Ovesen

If you are into tying the classics, then this will truly get your juices flowing. Mr. Ovesen and his girlfriend Vendula Smutkova work in partnership to create the epic 44 step tutorial. Anders manned the vise while Vendula snapped images and now the project is available for viewing on the Global Fly Fisher site ( It’s interesting to note the amount of preparation that is taken and the meticulious measurements and skill involved in tying up art pieces like this. With the tying taking anywhere from a couple hours up to a full shift at Tim Horton’s, mental fortitude and stamina are a must and you won’t be casually banging off a half dozen. Kudos to all involved bringing this tutorial to life and I would love to see more projects like this.

Neo Modern Classic Fly by Anders Ovesen
Neo Modern Classic Fly by Anders Ovesen

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