Riding Dirty

The Dirty White is another great looking tube that uses a bit of fox ( a material that I am growing to love) in the wing section. The fly was designed by Danish tyer Ken Bonde and is finished nicely with a couple wraps of mallard in a somewhat Templedog style fly. A great looking fly for Salmon and Steelhead.

The Dirty White Tube
The Dirty White Tube

The Dirty White via Global Fly Fisher
Tube: Half inch clear tube with inner tube (FITS)
Thread: White
Tail: Pale yellow Antron
Rib: Oval silver tinsel
Tag: Flat silver tinsel
Body: Silver flash dubbing
Body hackle: Badger
Wing: flash Pale yellow twinkle flash
First wing section: Yellow Arctic fox
Wing flash: Silver Angel Hair
Second wing section: Silver fox – gray tipped
Front hackle: Mallard, natural
Cone: Flat silver dish


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