Bernie's Comet

I finally got a bit of a break to tie up a couple flies that didn’t need to either go out to a customer or a fly swap or into my own fly box. Trust, me, it’s been a while. I’ve been looking through the A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns by Robert H Jones and Paul C Marriner and found one I wanted to tie up. Below is Bernie’s Comet and I’m sure there will be more to come.

Bernie's Comet
Bernie's Comet

Hook: Eagle River 7099
Thread: 6/0 White
Tail: White Polar Bear underfur topped with a couple strands of crystal flash
Body: White wool
Ribbing: Silver oval tinsel
Throat: White cock hackle
Wing: A stacked wing of white polar bear, pearl crystal flash and silver Dr. blue polar bear hair
Head: White coated with pearl paint or polish (omitted on the above specimen)


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