Fly Market Open for Business

Have you ever wished you could sell the flies you tied. For some tyers, it would be a way to help fund the hobby, but the advertising, website and day to day upkeep may be over whelming for most. Enter the J. Stockard’s Fly Market where amateur and small commercial tyers can sell their most unique and successful flies. J. Stockard’s is fast becoming the go to spot for materials on the web, and now gives fishers a better selection in flies then has ever been available.

Imagine being able to find a one off fly that could be tied to order. Green and purple woolly buggers that just aren’t available on a commercial scale. The system works on a person-to-person market system with J. Stockard’s managing the orders and payments. The tyers send out the flies and either get credit towards merchandise or are paid for each order.


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