The Predator – Skip Morris

Kerry Pitt turned me onto this pattern a few years ago after he added a couple to a swap we both took part in. The fly has an incredible surface presence and has since been responsible for bringing many browns and bows to net during the fall hopper season. I hear it also works well for bass and panfish, so I’ll be testing this out soon.

The gang at Fly Fish Ohio has put together a great step by step sequence and video on how to tie up the Morris Foam Predator. Click Here for the tutorial and video

The Predator designed by Skip Morris
The Predator designed by Skip Morris

Hook: Large Dry Fly Hook, size 6 to 12
Thread: Brown waxed 6/0
Tail: Deer body hair, color to match
Body: Squirrel fur dubbing
Shellback: Craft foam or furry foam, cut to a width not greater than the hook gape
Eyes: Mono eyes, medium or large depending on hook size
Head: Continuation of shellback foam
Wing Case: Continuation of shellback foam
Legs: Sili Legs or small diameter round rubber legs


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