EBay Fly Finds

Just a few more flies I’ve found for some of the collectors.

1. Eric Leiser Fly Collection. I spoke with Eric earlier last year about his career in the industry. He’s a great chap to speak with and I’m quite fond of his work, I even a have a few signed copies of his Fly Tying Materials. This is one I may bid on.

Eric Leiser Catskills collection

2. Mike Radencich Green Highlander. I have a highlander in my collection already tied up by Nova Scotia tyer Damian Welsh, and this would be a great fly to display next to it. Mike is a gifted tyer, so I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this one. We had an opportunity to chat with Mike last year, you can read the interview here.

Mike Radencich Green Highlander

3. Ray Bergman Translucent Brown Nymph. Probably best know for the book Trout, this fly is a must for any collector. This is only the second time I have seen a Bergman fly come up for auction in recent years.

Ray Bergman Translucent Brown Nymph

Happy bidding!


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