Sulphur Spinner Soft Hackle

Here is the latest offering from the guys at Rise Form Studios, episode 22 featuring a sweet looking soft hackle tied up by Eric Stroup. I’ll be honest in saying I don’t fish this stage that often, but Eric’s advise of fishing this in tandem with a dry sounds like a great idea. There is a small creek nearby that has this pattern and a nice heavy CDC caddis written all over it.

Sulpher Spinner fly video

Material List for the Sulphur Spinner Soft Hackle

Hook: Daiichi D1560 #14-18
Thread: Danville Orange 6/0
Tail: Med Dun Hen Feather Fibers
Abdomen: Danville Orange 6/0
Hackle: Med Dun Hen Feather
Thorax: Light Rust Rabbit
Head: Orange or Red Danville 6/0


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