Goodbye Day Tripper

Alex from The Day Tripper is closing up shop for good. It’s sad news really as it was one of those blogs I read on a weekly basis. He has promised to open put up a new site in its stead after a short break, and is planning on a site targeted to more of an informational destination with some articles and patterns. Here is a pattern from his archive, the Madonna. Click the image below to bring up his entire fly pattern archive.

Hook: Standard Streamer Hook
Tail: Shredded Sparkle Braid, or flash material of your choice
Tag: Medium Red Wire
Rib: Medium Red Wire
Body: Same as Tail
Underwing: Red Rabbit
Wing: Rabbit Strip
Over wing: 12-15 strands of Krystal Flash
Collar: Stacked Deer Body Hair
Head: Spun Deer Body hair


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