Fly Tyer 30th anniversary Tying Contest

Well, the name of the contest is a bit misleading, but in celebration of the magazine’s 30th year of publishing our favorite subject, they are hosting a great contest to showcase the art. The idea is to tie one of the 3 required flies to the best of you ability and then tie another “tie-breaker” fly of your choice and style. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to just the Classic Atlantic’s taking home the prizes as has happened in other contests. Sure they are great to look at, but it makes for a bit of an uneven playing field in some ways.

The prizes include some of the expected tying vises, tools, and materials along with a fly fishing vacation and a canoe, but the most coveted prize is the limited edition bronze sculpture by artist Ott Jones. Tyer can choose from a Royal Wulff, Hair Wing Blue Doctor or a Flashtail Whistler for their compulsory pattern and all patterns will be put on display at the Catskills Fly Fishing Center.

So get tying people, you have lots of time and no excuses. The due date is September 30th 2008. You can view a complete set of rules and get some more info on the contest here – (

Good Luck!

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