Dave Tucker's The Black Eye

Another great video from The Weekly Fly. This blog is fast becoming one of my favorites to visit each week. This weeks offering is a sweet dark spey fly called The Black Eye developed by Dave Tucker. The video offers up some great tips on how to properly build a spey, wrapping spey hackle and counter ribbing. For those of you who struggle with setting wings, check out the last 2 minutes for some great instruction.

Dave Tucker\'s Black Eye Spey

Dave Tucker’s Black Eye Spey
Hook: Daiichi #2051
Thread: Black 8/0 Uni Thread
Body: Purple Wool
Ribbing: Oval Silver Tinsel
Hackle: Blue Eared Pheasant Palmered Full Length of Body
Throat Hackle: Peacock Neck Feather
Wing: Bronze Mallard


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