A few Flies from Planet Trout

This collection of emergers and wets caught my eye, so, you get a peak too. I could have used this on the stream this morning. Other featured patters are Batwing Baetis, Ally’s Nympho, Mike’s Wisdom and the Left over Klink, a very sexy looking soft hackle.

SH Bead PMD Emerger
Hook: TMC 2488, 14-18
Thread: 14/0 Brown
Shuck: Brown Zelon
Abdomen: Rusty Brown Goose Biot
Rib: Fine gold wire
Underwing: kinky light dun zelon
Thorax: PMD yellow dubbing
Bead: Gold glass, 15/0
Hackle: Partridge

Click here for the rest of the post and recipies to the other flies -> Planet Trout


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