Clyde's Realistic Golden Stone Nymph

We have a step by step of one of the incredible flies tied for the recent KOTV contest. It’s actually fairly simple once everything is broken down, and the patterns is quite realistic. Great job Clyde.

Hook: streamer hook sized to the size stone you want to tie
Underbody: lead wire
Tail: porcupine quills
Abdomen/Thorax: latex strips 1/4″ wide
Thorax: Ostrich herl
Legs: heat shrink tubing/gold wire
Eyes: medium mono eyes
Antennae: porcupine guard hairs
Wing Buds: transparency printed pattern then laminated
Color: waterproof markers
Lacquer: Sally Hansens Hard as Nails (nude)

Realistic Golden Stone Fly

Click here for all the steps.


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