Karnopp’s Riffle Diver

This video comes via the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog It’s a sweet idea to use ostrich for the body of the caddis pupa. It’s really going to bring this pattern to life when it gets wet. I would make a couple small changes to the ones I tie being a divided pheasant tail antennae rather than the clump and a bit smaller partridge feather for the legs. Aside from that, it looks like a great patten. Nice tie.

Karnopp’s Riffle Diver: Green McKenzie Caddis Emerger
Hook: TMC 200, size 10
Bead: Black
Thread: Black or olive 6/0
Body: Chartreuse Ostrich
Rib: Silver wire
Hackle: Partridge
Wing: Pheasant tail fibers
Thorax: Black ice dubbing


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