Rainbow Flash Fly

I’m looking at building a box of Alaskan flies here soon, partially in the hope of travelling to Alaska to fish and partially in the hope of finding some local steelhead and salmon. Flash flies are a popular fly in Alaskan waters and their construction is quick and simple. You can easily change out the colors of the flash and collar to create a wide variety of patterns. Below is the recipe for the Rainbow Flash Fly. Another one to tempt bass with this spring.

Rainbow Flash Fly

Rainbow Flash Fly – Click for tying steps

Collar – Red saddle hackle
Tail – Rainbow Flashabou
UnderBody – .020 – .030 lead wire ( optional )
Body – Rainbow Flashabou
Wing – Rainbow Flashabou
Thread – Red 6/0
Hook – Mustad 34007 size 1 – 4


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