Dunc's Special and more flies on EBay

It’s been just over a year since Dunc passed. It’s still hard to imagine that he’s not going to be there anymore. I found a set of 30 of Dunc’s flies for auction on eBay and wanted to pass it along. (I’m not affiliated with the seller in any way)

I also happened to find Chris Del Plato’s tribute fly to Dunc called Dunc’s Special.

Dunc’s Special by Chris Del Plato

Chris tied up this Rangeley style streamer in honor of Dunc. He did a wonderful job putting this streamer together. It’s been a while since I have tackled a streamer, but this might be a good project. The wing is really striking, such a beautiful natural dun.

Hook – Martinek 8xl size 1, sharpest one in the pack.
Tag – 3 or 4 turns of fine gold oval tinsel
Tip – Small section of fluorescent green floss behind small section of fluorescent red floss
Rib – fine oval gold tinsel
Body – orange floss
Belly – Light Dun or tan bucktail
Throat – Black hen hackle
Underwing – 5 or 6 Peacock herls, over which are two pieces of orange floss (one long over the top of one short.) Slightly stiffened with wax or thin cement due to length.)
Wing – 4 Ash (medium dun) colored saddle hackles
Shoulder – Mallard dyed dun
Cheek – Jungle Cock, large


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