Superglue Buzzer

Here is something to stock into your stillwater box. A few points that make this pattern stand out are the barb-less hook used, the ultra fine wire and the overall durability and effectiveness of this fly. You can change out the body colors with olives an browns and change the cheeks to various shades of oranges and reds.

Superglue Buzzer

Superglue BuzzerClick here for the tutorial step by step
Hook: Shrimp barbless #10 – 16
Thread: To suit body color
Rib: Fine Silver wire
Cheeks: Fine Orange Lagartun Braid


2 thoughts on “Superglue Buzzer”

  1. Great Looking Fly! I’m just getting started with Buzzers, myself and I was wondering what I can use for the “cheeks”!
    Keep up the great site!

  2. Thanks for the comments on the site. It’s my passion this fly tying thing. There are a few different things that can be used for cheecks. UNI has a nice peacock and orange mylar tinsel that fits the bill to a tee. The lagurtun is also a nice product to use, but can be a bit hard to find.

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