Castle Killer Scandinavian Spey Tube

This is a pattern tied up by Jurij Shumakov. There is a sweet collection of Jurij’s tubes on the article linked below. I just wish they had opted for some larger images of the flies.

Castle Killer by Jurij Shumakov

Butt: Glow red floss.
Tail: Yellow Angel hair.
Body: rear half: Electra Holo, braid, gold; front half: mix of Peacock Black ice dub and STF Black dub.
Rib: front half: oval gold tinsel.
Body hackle: front half: orange cock.
Wing: yellow Mirage Flashabou, small bunch of Serebrjanka fur died yellow, yellow Angel hair, bunch of polar fox died black over the wing fine black Angel hair.
Throat: Kingfisher blue guinea fowl.
Cheeks: jungle cock.
Head: red varnish.

From Jurij’s article on Russian Fishing Club.


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