Far-reaching And Ridiculously Tenacious fly tying System (FARTS)

This just made my day, so I’m sharing it with you. Fly tyers are on a constant quest to find the perfect storage solution for their materials. I think the person who comes up with a really viable commercial solution stands to make a good living from it. Talk to any tyer and they will tell you they need to make changes. Personally, I keep outgrowing my storage and I’m thinking I just need to start tying more to get my current stock down to about the same level as a well stocked fly shop rather than a well stocked wholesaler. Mike over at Tamanawis.co.uk has just overhauled his tying storage. Check out his hilarious post about his new system dubbed Far-reaching And Ridiculously Tenacious fly tying System (FARTS). Worth a read today.


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