7 Baron's Swinging

Wow, it was tougher to come up with a swan than I figured it would be. Anyhow, I managed to track down a Baron. originally tied back in the early 1900’s, this classic fly uses swan in the construction of the married wing.  

On the seventh day of Christmas my Ghillie tied for me
7 Baron’s Swinging
6 Evil Weevils
5 Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymphs
4 Baby Buggers
3 PEI Flies,
2 Blae and Black
And a soft hackle Partridge and Orange


Tag: Silver twist and dark red-claret silk.
Tail: Golden pheasant topping.
Butt: Black ostrich herl.
Body: In two equal sections: First half with silver flat tinsel ribbed with silver oval tinsel and butted with Indian crow extending to butt and black ostrich herl. Second half with black silk ribbed with silver oval tinsel.
Hackle: Dark red-claret.
Throat: Jay.
Wing: Tippet strands, swan dyed yellow, wood duck, blue and red macaw, golden pheasant tail, peacock wing with a mallard roof and golden pheasant topping over all.
Sides: Jungle cock.
Cheeks: Chatterer.
Horns: Blue macaw.
Head: Black ostrich herl.

For more info on the Baron, visit http://www.bestclassicsalmonflies.com


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