10 Frogs a Leaping

Thanks to The Day Tripper Alex for providing this pattern. The frog is actually a pretty good pattern for pike and bass, and if you have never had the pleasure of experiencing a surface take from a bucket mouth or seen the toothy grin of the snot rocket break the surface for a fly, you are in for a treat. Enjoys your holidays and I’m hoping that you got at least a few new toys for the water or the vise.

On the tenth day of Christmas my Ghillie tied for me
10 Frogs a leaping
9 Golden Girls
8 Royal Wulff’s
7 Baron’s Swinging
6 Evil Weevils
5 Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymphs
4 Baby Buggers
3 PEI Flies,
2 Blae and Black
And a soft hackle Partridge and Orange

The Frog by Alex C

Hook: Bass Bug Hook
Weed Guard: Heavy Mono
Tail: Sparse Marabou. Flash
Butt: Spun Deer Body Hair
Legs: Rabbit Strips
Body: Stacked Deer Body Hair
Head: Spun Deer Body Hair
Eyes: Doll Eyes


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