Redemption Micro Intruder by Jay Nicholas

This micro intruder pattern is tied up by the Caddis Angling Fly Shop’s Jay Nicholas. Jay goes into a little bit about the differences between intruders and micro intruders and how the intruder genre has evolved over the last decade or so. Jay ties on a slick looking Regal Revolution Fly Tying Vise for this video. I picked one up for myself a couple weeks back and have been loving it as a second vise. You can change up the colors on the fly to target other species, but the pink and blue make it a good steelhead fly for both winter and summer.

Redemption Micro Intruder Tube Fly Pattern Recipe

Tube: Plastic tube
Thread: 6/0 Black
Butt: Spun pink Senyo Fusion Dubbing
Collar: Pink hackle or schlappen
Body: Lagartun Flat braid
Shoulder: Spun blue Senyo Fusion Dubbing
Collar: Softhackle light blue then spey marabou
Flash: Flashabou tied each side
Legs: Black Ostrich herl
Front Collar: Black schlappen
Head: Sonic cone

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Fly Tyers of Instagram May 20, 2016 Edition

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HMG Scud by HMGFlySystems

The HMG Scud is one of the best scud patterns I’ve seen in a while. I love fishing still waters with scud patterns, especially in the early spring and fall. I’ve collected plenty of scuds from lakes to study, and the look of this scud looks quite realistic without too much fuss. The HMG Scud uses white and clear materials with the marker giving the fly color. The glue is applied with what looks like a wood burning tip dipped in a hot glue stick. You’ll need a steady hand in order to apply the glue, and I’m sure that you might need a few flies to practice with before you get one that doesn’t get singed. Segmentation for the scud is achieved by simply pressing mono line into the back, but not so hard as it goes through the glue. The eyes look great on the fly and really tie the pattern together.

HMG Scud Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Scud #12-18 Tiemco 2457
Thread: 6/0 White
Antennae: Pearl crystal flash
Legs: Long white synthetic dubbing colored with copic pen
Shellback: Hot melt glue hi-temp
Eyes: Black fabric paint

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