Rhea Intruder tied by Phil Rowley

Rhea Intruder - Tied by Phil Rowley

Rhea Intruder – Tied by Phil Rowley

Phil always put together great step-by-step tutorials and goes the extra mile to provide information about the fly and materials used. This pattern was born in the vise of fly tyer Trevor Nowak and uses a big helping of Rhea tendrils to impart action into the streamer. Rhea has become quite popular in steelhead and salmon flies over the past decade thanks in no small part to tyers like Nowak rhea guru Todd Scharf. Phil has some extras in the article about preparing the feathers to use in patterns so the herls are wrapped and paltered easily.

You can find the full step-by-step tutorial on Phil’s website http://flycraftangling.com, and get some insights to tying with rhea.

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Micro Pick Streamer by Rich Strolis

I’ve got a small box of bitty rabbit strips that I dip into from time to time, but the more big rabbit patterns I tie, the fuller that box is getting. Rich is offering this micro streamer to help cull the pile a little bit. This video takes you through the steps of tying his gold variation of the pattern.

Hook: Partridge Predator #2-8
Thread: UTC 140
Tail: Rabbit strip
Body: Flat diamond braid
Wing and collar: Rabbit strip
Head: Fish Skull / Fish Mask & 3D eye

Video via Rich Strolls on Vimeo. Please take a moment to visit and check out some of his other videos.

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3D Printing for Fly Anglers

2014 was a big year for 3D printing, and while I am intrigued by the technology that is 3D printing, I didn’t think it was a viable option to include in my discipline. The thought of printing fly boxes had crossed my mind, but since boxes are somewhat pedestrian, I quickly shelved the idea. It didn’t occur to me that a fly reel might be the perfect object to develop in a 3D printer. Fortunately, Eclectic Angler Michael Hackney has been hard at work for the past 2 years developing just such a thing.

3D Printed Fly Fishing Reel

3D Printed Fly Fishing Reel

You can check out the process and numerous prototypes he has produced at Eclectic Angler. It holds a lot of possibilities down the road as 3D printing become more widespread and accessible and includes more materials. The early results are impressive and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings.

Check out the process and prototypes at Eclectic Angler.

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